February/March 2020 Newsletter

February/March's newsletter features the #JourneyToGeorgia Photo Album, fun facts from the Bookmobile road trip, as well as: Photos from the January 20th Georgia Power Service Day in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Volunteers Needed! A list of volunteer opportunities in April and May Recognition of our 2020 business and [...]

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Grant from the Community Foundation of NW GA

On February 11th, the Board of the Cartersville-Bartow Community Foundation and the Community Foundation of Northwest Georgia presented Bookmobile Program Director, Kim Dennis, and Board President, Valerie Gilreath, with a grant for $10,000 to help with the purchase of the new Bookmobile and new programs. Pictured from left-to-right: Randy Thompson, [...]

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#JourneyToGeorgia Day 4: NM to TX

Carnegie Public Library, Las Vegas, NM We stopped in Las Vegas, NM to see one of the few original Carnegie Libraries that still operates as a public library. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, steel magnate turned philanthropist Andrew Carnegie used his fortune to [...]

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January 2020 Newsletter

January's newsletter features an update on the progress of our Join the Story campaign, thank you and recognition to donors, a sneak peak at the new bookmobile, upcoming dates to remember, and thank yous to our sponsors and partners. January_2020_Newsletter_Bookmobile_emailversion

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