Adopt-A-Reader: The Bookmobile launches campaign to fund book giveaways

Published by The Daily Tribune News online Saturday, August 1, 2020 and in print Sunday, August 2, 2020


As the program director for The Bookmobile, Kim Dennis is determined to boost childhood literacy in
the midst of COVID-19. The pandemic has drastically altered the outreach’s operations — halting
physical fundraisers and its mobile library — but volunteers still remain steadfast in their goal to spark
an interest in reading among area youth.

“To achieve our mission of improving literacy through increasing access to books, The Bookmobile has
pivoted our methods during COVID-19 by providing children with pre-bagged, new, age-appropriate
books from April until now,” Dennis said. “The feedback and gratitude from parents and children were
so positive that we hope to continue this service until we can safely open The Bookmobile once again as
a mobile lending library. From April through the end of July, The Bookmobile distributed 3,079 new
books to Bartow County’s children.”

To support its efforts, The Bookmobile launched the Adopt-A-Reader campaign July 15. For a monthly
contribution of $10, donors will enable a child to receive three new books each month.

Valerie Gilreath, president of The Bookmobile’s board of directors, noted the fundraising drive was
“necessitated” by COVID-19. The pandemic resulted in the cancellation of a pair of benefits —
originally scheduled for May and August — that were expected to generate $20,000.

“The purpose of the Adopt-A-Reader program is to ensure that children in Bartow County have quality,
fun, age-appropriate books to read at home so they continue to develop important language and
literacy skills,” Gilreath said. “Children receive a bundle of materials each time they visit, which is
hopefully once a month.

“The bundle includes a minimum of three books and a bookmark. When available, we also include an
activity book, coloring book or children’s magazine. We have materials for all ages birth to 18, and we
typically group them in ranges of 0-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-plus,” she said, adding the book bundles are
handled out at numerous events and locations across Bartow.

To donate, those interested need to visit or text 181086 to 1-855-
575-7888. As of Thursday afternoon, the website reported the campaign has raised $241.54 out of its
$1,000 goal.

“Adopt-A-Reader is a monthly giving program, so donors donate $10 initially and commit to continue
donating $10 each month,” Dennis said. “Our hope is that givers participate for at least a year. Our goal
is to have 100 readers adopted, which is equal to $1,000 per month.

“Donors have the option of adopting more than one reader if they want to give more. To date, 22
readers have been adopted. We are excited to announce that Garth Gherardini secured a matching
grant for us from Modern Woodmen of America, and they will match funds raised in August up to

Established in July 2017, The Bookmobile initially centered its efforts in south Bartow and later
extended its service area. Last year, 152 new Bookmobile library cards were issued, 700 books were
checked out and 3,610 books were distributed to families.

“Studies have shown time and again the most significant factor influencing a child’s early school
success is an exposure to books and being read to at home prior to beginning school,” Gilreath said.
“The most successful way to improve the reading achievement of low-income children is to increase
their access to print.

“The best way to increase a child’s access to print is to ensure the family has books in the home. Books
they own and live with that become a regular part of their environment.”

Due to COVID-19, Gilreath shared the significance of this is “compounded.”

“Children may not have access to their school libraries or the public library right now, or parents may
be wary of visiting these public spaces and utilizing public resources due to the risk of infection,” she
said. “Through Adopt-A-Reader, The Bookmobile can put three books into a child’s hands each month
when they visit.

“That act alone, the insistence of treating books as an essential resource, reinforces the value of reading
to both the child and parent. Books offer so much that is particularly needed right now. A good story is
entertainment, comfort, distraction.”

For more information about The Bookmobile, visit or its Facebook page.
Dennis shared they also are looking to partner with organizations offering services to youth. If any of
these groups would like to have books distributed at their programs, The Bookmobile can be reached
via Facebook or

“These past few months have been trying times for everyone, particularly children,” Dennis said.
“Through The Bookmobile, we attempt to bring not just books, but joy, compassion and love to kids.
Supporting the Adopt-A-Reader program will allow this mission to continue.”